What software I use



As you know I am a LAMP web developer. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL that are all free open source software products working together to bring you this website and most of the rest on the web.
Linux is my operating system. On my servers I use CentOS and on my personal computers/laptops I use Kubuntu (which is Ubuntu with KDE).

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Everywhere, I use Apache web server. When I am working on something it’s usually PHP scripts under my web-public directory (/var/www/vhosts/…). For my PHP coding I use gPHPedit which is a great Linux application and for graphics I use Photoshop CS5 (run by Wine). I am trying to get used to GIMP but it just feels so different.
Sometimes, I might feel too lazy to download a file and edit it locally so I spend hours working on php code under ssh using a text-based editor such as vi or nano.

When I am doing more front-end web work, such as XHTML/CSS i use the great editor Bluefish. Which could also be run on Windows. You could try it.

My browser is (of course) Firefox which is the best browser on the market. I got a few addons installed on my browser:
1. Firebug (number one web development addon)
2. Web Developer Toolbar (a great extension that has tons of features)
3. Colorzilla (color picker from Firefox, very helpful)
4. Firefox Sync (all my bookmarks, my browsing history and all my passwords and other form data are being synchronized across all my PCs and laptops automatically – priceless!)
5. Extended statusbar (the only thing i missed from Opera was the status bar, that was giving all the details of what’s going on so that’s the solution for Firefox)
6. LiveHTTPheaders (I sometimes need to watch the things on a lower level to identify problems – this is the tool for that)
7. World IP (So many web servers/hostings/VPSes…. this tool helps identify which one is the current site on, by showing the IP and the organization that the IP range is registered to (used to do a nslookups before this extension all the time))

Some of you might be thinking “This guys is a noob, he only has 7 extensions… I got like 50”. There is a reason for me using only these 7. The less extensions you have on your Firefox, the better, faster and more reliable it will work. Especially if you have about 20 tabs open all the time like me.

I also have virtual machines with windows but they are only for testing my web products under Inernet ExploDer.

Well.. thats all for now 🙂

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