Intuitive interface



  1. The user knows where they should go next on every screen
  2. The UI controls are outlined and clear and the user knows which one is the button for what
  3. The user knows where they are within the application
  4. The user knows what they need to choose from the available products and options
  5. The user knows what the system is doing at the moment
  6. The user knows what they need to do – the system gives clear instructions and provides all the information which the user needs.
  7. The system is consistent.
  8. The system is standardised – all other cinema kiosks are made the same way.
  9. No pointless and additional work for the user. The system will not ask the user to perform an action, unless user’s interaction is required and cannot be done automatically.
  10. No unneeded information. The system does not display information, which is not needed by the user at the current moment.