Heuristics: 5.Error prevention



Making your User Interface inform your users about their errors or mistakes is one of the hardest tasks.

When creating the error reporting features, these should be taken into consideration:

The user must understand what the problem is.

The user must understand what have they done wrong.

The reason for the error and its details must be clear for the user.

Error messages, such as “Error 0x043502340” should not be displayed at any point to the user.

The user must not get fustrated by getting errors from your system.

Highghly emphasized error messages, with high contrasted, shining, blinking, red typefaces should be avoited.

Experts recommend that similarity with the real world is taken into consideration when designing the error reporting interface.

For example: Imagine that you have a paper form, where someone has forgotten to fill in a required information: What you will do is go to them and kindly ask “Hey, can you have a look at this…”. Most of user interfaces out there display highly emphasized error messages with a lot of blinking red text which has explanation marks. This always causes fustration in the user because it makes them feel as if they have done something very bad which can not be fixed.

In this prototype: These points have not been implemented, because the prototype does not return any errors. Once, the