YouTube to add full HD support?



Google reminds us again, why they are number one in the web world and
yesterday, they announced on the YouTube blog that full hd support (both 1080p and 780p) will be added. So now the ‘High Quality’ button can go really high! This is a step forward in the history of the World Wide Web and the modern technology (although there are other websites that already offer HD videos since long time ago).

Unfortunately, not all devices and computers will be able to play back high definition video. If you have older PC with older video card, you might find that you might not be able to enjoy this new feature.
For example on my Quad-Core PC and laptop with 1GB of video I can play everything, while my old Laptop which has only 128MB of video, these videos keep on freezing.

So, if you see a video freezing in HD, you should either watch it in lower (normal) quality, or buy a newer PC.