Web Hosting….



On 26th of May 2009, Alex’s two shared web hosting servers, as well as 2 more VPSes and one dedicated server have crashed. This has never happened before! (These are all web development servers and no customer websites have been effected).

Only my personal websites (like this one) and a few other web projects, which I was working on have been unavailable for me only.

So imagine, you wake up one morning and half a sleep/half awake and you see alex.bg is down, than move the dns to the secondary server, and see that it’s down as well. Than move it to the 3rd server in Bulgaria and see that it’s also down!
I thought, that I don’t have internet, but unfortunately this was not the problem. This has never happened before.

Anyway, thanks to us and the support of the other hosting companies, all the data was recovered.

All the data was recovered after one hour. But I didn’t have time to put alex.bg back online