Sun bathin…



So the last day of May, I heard some local people saying that these days are one of the warmest days in Scotland at all, so everybody here is very happy, enjoying the sunshine.

We decided to go to the beach. It was a low-tide, so the sea water was a little far away from the beach. We went to the beach in Burntisland. A lot of people from around Scotland came especially to this beach. For them this is hot weather, but it actually was windy and cold (for me). It was very cool to see Edinburgh and the Forth Road Bridge from a few miles away (I had the feeling that I could swim to Edinburgh from there 🙂
Click here to see a map of where we were.

A team from BBC came and shot the beach and us. They told us that this was the warmest place in the whole UK. So now, I am watching bbc one and I am waiting to see myself 😀

I’ll be thinking about this when I go to Sunny Beach back in Bulgaria this summer 😉