What most of you don’t understand about the modern web..



What most of you don’t understand about the web is that it has changed. The term ‘looking professional on the web’ has changed. Now a days the web is not about advertising, but it is for socialization.

This means that nobody doesn’t care and nobody isn’t interested in buying your services or products. A question for you: do you like watching TV ads or commercials? Of course, the answer is no.

Most of the businesses out there have websites, which look like a huge TV commercial, which doesn’t get the interest of the viewers.

Statements like ‘this is the best service you can get’ will NOT make anyone of your website visitors go for buying it. In web 2.0, your visitors care about your personality, they want to know more about the way you do the things, about your philosophy.

No body doesn’t go to your website with the intention to buy something from you. Your task is to make your service/product look interesting, if it doesn’t… your website is there in vane!