Personal history (something like)



In August 2008, a guy from the other side of Europe, will come here alone, without a lot of money or any idea what is waiting here (in Scotland).

The thing I knew was that I will do WEB and nothing else..

When I decided to come here, I have never feld any fear from the unknown, beacause I am confident and I know what I am doing and what I want to do.

Today, this guy is an yong man with his own, independent life. He has a very good job, studies, a very nice girl and more than everything he needs. That’s me! (Show off, why not? ;])

In August I had only a laptop, not a lot money and no idea what is waiting here.

Today, I have something like a little computer club:

Dexter's laboratory :D
Theese systems have one of the latest generations quad core processors inside.


And here is the beers collection:

Само Carlsberg! :D
The beer gives you inmortality! (only during the weekends 😉

Allright, that’s me going, I am gonna go to a club or pub somewhere now..