Web @ 20



This year, both me and the web are turning 20.
The invetor of the web is Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who changed the world, and because of who you are reading this text and any other resource on the web.
The first ever web server in the world was located in CERN on URL: http://info.cern.ch
The original purpose of the web was to organize and provide all the information in CERN.
I have read the book “Weaving the web”, written by Tim Bareners-Lee and I found a lot of aspects of Tim’s life the same as me..

Both me and the web have changed for the last years.
While in the past a webmaster publicated information for their users, now in the modern web (web 2.0) the users themself are creating information for the other users.

What has changed with me?
Well, pretty much… everything!
Starting from country, way of life..

Both me and the web are now changing for good.

Happy anniversary, WWW!

a web pro..