Internet Explorer 8



Yesterday, Microsoft announced the release of Internet Explorer 8. The biggest news is the full support of CSS 2.1 and the Web Standards support (finally!). I am happy to see that Microsoft is finally giving up all the wars and is now trying to create products which are independent from the environment and the platform.

All the websites, that we have created look good and exactly how they are supposed to IE8. The reason for this is that IE8 has changed the way the browser renders CSS rules. Now they obey the W3C rules. Which is making it even better. At the same time, websites that were developed for old versions of the browser might not work. This will make a lot of the websites on the net not working any more.

Another one of the hotnews is that IE8 was hacked just a few days later, when it was released on the TippingPoint’s 3rd annual Pwn2Own contest. After this microsoft fixed the problem on the same day.
Although, IE8 is much better than IE7, I recommend you to wait a few weeks before downloading it.