A bedtime story..



Allright gals,

Here’s my favourite bed time story which I like telling the girls I see. It’s about The Love and her friends:

So, The Love invited all her friends at home.
After they had some chat and a coffee,
The Madness purposed:

`Do you wanna play hide and seek?`
`What is hide and seek?` – asked The Curiosity.
`Hide and seek is a game. I am gonna close my eyes and count to a hundred. You have to hide.` – said The Madness.
Everyone agreed except The Fear and The Laziness.
And The Madness started counting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….
The Impatience hid first, without thinking twice.
The Shyness, shy as always, hid in a small wood.
The Happiness ran in the middle of the garden.
The Sadness started crying, because it didn’t know where to hide.
The Envy joined The Victory and they both hid behind a rock.

The Madness continued counting..
The Despair got desperate when The Madness counted to 99..
`A hundred!` – shouted The Madness – `I am starting to seek.`
The first one found was The Curiosity. It showed first just because it wanted to know who will be the first one found.
Than The Madness looked around and saw The Doubt, which was staying on the wall and wondering on which side of the wall to hide.
After this, The Madness found The Happiness, The sadness, The shyness
When all they got together, The Madness asked:
`Does anybody know where is The Love?`
But nobody knew.
The Madness continued searching for The Love.
She searched on the top of the mountains, in the woods, in the rivers, in the valleys, but she didn’t find her.
Finally, after a long search, The Madness looked into a small bush and found The Love there.
The Love was sobbing, because she got a thorn into her eye.
The Madness was so worried and didn’t know what to do. She apologized a thousand times and she promised The Love that they will always be together..

Now the love is blind and The Madness is leading her by hand.