Web Standards



What are web standards and what do they stand for.

As you know, there are different computers, different browsers, different operating systems and different browser versions. But what makes a website function correctly on every one of these different computers? That’s where the web standards come.
The software developers, consider these standarts, when developing a web browsing applications.

The problem is that, there are a lot of websites, created by people, who don’t know what a “web standard” is. I bet that, in your experience you have at least 10 times found a website, which doesn’t work. These websites usually are created with amateur “easy to use” programs and they will not look and function properly on every computer, which makes them useless.

The website you are viewing is valid, with no errors and it will look the same on every computer.

The web standards are managed by The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). On their website (www.w3c.org) there is a web validation utility, which will help you find errors on websites, which may prevent them from working.
To validate a website, please enter its URL below:
An web designer (developer) must ALWAYS validate their work before publishing it on the internet. Other thing to do is view the website in the most popular browsers: Internet Explorer 7, 6; Firefox 2, 3; Opera, Safari and the new Google Chrome and different operating systems.
On my PC I have a virtal machine with Windows XP, Vista, Mac, Ubuntu. All these operating systems have all these different browser applications. The reason for keeping them is, that I need to test my work on all of them. If I see, that something displays differently on some of them, I start doing an investigation on what the problem is. It is even sometimes necessary to rewrite the code.
Unfortunately there are millions of “web developers” up there, publishing web content, which is incompatible with browsers like firefox. Some of these websites will not be indexed by Google and will not display in the search results.

That is why its very important to choose professional web developers and designers.